We take COVID-19 very seriously, while also choosing to come from a place of trust instead of fear. We strongly believe in informed choice: that means that we need to have a dialogue with our clients about everyone’s (doulas + client + family) comfort levels and make choices in the moment. We want you to feel safe and empowered.

Wondering what doula care looks like during COVID times?

Like in birth, one must go with the flow; we are comfortable going with the flow.

Staying up to date on Portland-area hospital policies regarding support people, mask requirements, and availability of comfort tools.

Wearing masks at all times when outside of our homes.

Meeting with potential clients (for consultations) virtually to reduce exposure to more people.

Minimizing in-person contact with existing clients by conducting most prenatal visits virtually and saving in-person exposure for laboring clients. We're open on case-by-case basis for in-person meetings.


In addition to our stance above, we are following these general protocols:

We are keeping our individual bubbles small.

Providing a virtual-only option package.

Not scheduling back-to-back in person visits (e.g. if we attend a birth, we would not attend an in person visit that day).

Limiting items we bring in our birth bags to only the most important ones or disposable/sanitizable items.

As always, helping partners (if there is a partner) provide hands-on support.

Doula Services

You deserve a loving, triumphant birth - no matter what is happening in the world. While we might be social distancing due to COVID-19/Coronavirus, babies are still being born and we are here for it! We have changed our package to meet the needs of birthing people and reduce the risk of exposure to your family. Please check out our services and what doula care might look like for you and your family.

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