"Hiring doulas was the best money I spent while pregnant, and I keep getting returns on my investment over a year after childbirth. Bri and Alicia have the perfect combination of warmth, expertise, humor, and reverence, and my husband and I both felt emotionally supported and empowered for childbirth as if by good friends."

-Mikayla, NE Portland

"I decided at the last minute to hire a doula and am so glad that a friend recommended Bri. She is caring, warm, genuine and very intuitive. Bri picked up on things I said in our initial consultation and used them beautifully during the birthing process. She was always present but never intrusive. "

- Elizabeth, North Portland

"Alicia was an incredible source of support, humor, and care leading up to and during the birth of our baby boy. We felt instantly at ease & in good hands with questions asked and information provided. Having Alicia as part of our birthing process made all the difference, and provided us with confidence that we wouldn't have had without her by our side."

- Andrhea, NE Portland

To be straightforward - Bri puts forth a remarkable calm strength and Alicia radiates warmth and compassion. My husband and I long debated hiring a doula, but knew it was the right thing to do when we found Bri and Alicia. Their support was IMPERATIVE as we navigated the gray area of two different birth scenarios literally until the last minute. While we desired a “natural-as-possible” birth, we ultimately had an attempted (failed) ECV followed by C-section due to our son’s “breeched whale” presentation. 

- Bonnie, SE Portland

Bri was extremely knowledgeable and organized; continually reminded me of my right to push for the birth I desired, no matter the circumstance; maintained a light-hearted pre-op atmosphere; sweetly took care of my placenta.

We would eagerly request their support during a future pregnancy and birth!

"Bri was a pleasure to have as my doula during my pregnancy, during labor and postpartum. I was so glad to have her there to help and support me during this wonderful experience. I couldn’t have asked for a better doula! She is very calming and supportive and non-judgmental. She is very informative, and I couldn’t have gone through this experience without her. I will definitely ask for her again when we decide to have another baby."

- Megan, North Portland

My wife and I were not sold on having a doula until right before the birth- like a week before birth! This was our first child so we realized we had no idea what we were doing and called Bri and Alicia about 10 days before our due date. Right off the bat, they were wonderful. They were very flexible and met with us within 2 days. Before labor they were in constant contact, aware of how close we were to the big day, and having someone checking in was very comforting.

- Wes

During labor and delivery, they were both amazing in supporting us. They acted as a great filter for the medical providers, making sure we knew what was going on and walking us through our options when we had some tough decisions to make.

They were each so good at simultaneously being in the moment with us, but also stepping back and evaluating what our needs were. The miracle of birth is so amazing and challenging: Bri and Alicia made sure we kept it together with just enough of a guiding hand.

"If you are looking for a calm, confident, professional and above all caring doula for your birth experience I highly recommend using Alicia. I am convinced that our relationship was meant to be. Not only was she professional from the very start, but she was warm, caring, and you could tell she not only loved what she was doing, but that she had already started loving our family as well. Alicia remained a calm and loving presence during the whole labor and delivery process and I really felt that she was 100% committed to making our experience the best and most amazing as possible. Her presence was felt, but not overwhelming (and oh so supportive)."

- Michaelle

"My birth experience with Alicia by my side was one I will never forget. From the moment my husband I met her, we knew her lighthearted and genuine personality was exactly the fit for what we needed near us during delivery."

I ended up being 12 days past due and spent six nights in the hospital which ultimently ended with a unplanned C-Section. I will forever be grateful that we decided on having a doula, and that Alicia was the one we had there for support. Eventhough my experience was nothing I was expecting, I felt so empowered every moment of my stay and overall have such a positive feeling of my experience.

- Tiffany